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2009, December: Please note that updates to activity related to this book will continue to be made via the Editor’s personal site. To find relevant postings, search for ‘Human Futures’

Don’t miss out on getting your copy of Human Futures, a limited edition, designer product with chapters from 25 leading public intellectuals and over 35 internationally renowned artists and designers.

Liverpool: FACT online bookshop or at the venue. Alternatively email to

UK: Online catalogue of Liverpool University Press, Borders, or  Amazon

USA: Online catalogue of  University of Chicago Press or Amazon

For the rest of the world, information about  reps is available here.

The book is also available by order at most book shops and Amazon (UK, USA, Canada).

To review the book, please contact Simon Bell at

To contact the Editor, Andy Miah, please email

Price: £35 / $59.95 (hardback)

352pp, 210 x 178mm, cased; ISBN: 9-781846-311819

200+ colour illustrations

For institutional or book shop purchases, HF comes in a set of 4 colours:

Human Futures - Buy the Set of 4

One Response

  1. Andy,

    Numerous People from Oron Catts to ben Bratton, Jen Willet etc. have told me to interface with you as I write my Dissertation… For starters, Im into transgenics and human engineering “going germline” and I am a practicing artist not just theorist… so start with the film online and then check out my writing style:

    If you are going to post it send me an email so I can send you a rtf with all the real creditz and extras… like jpgs and some genegun/shotgun musings…

    Adam Zaretsky

    Here is the online movie… Feel free to pass the linkz:

    Documentary ‘Dangerous Liaisons, Leiden University Embryology Arts Honors
    Class by ZootenGenant on Adam Zaretsky:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Dangerous Liaisons
    These are documents from the Transgenic Pheasant Embryology Art and Science
    Laboratory taught by Adam Zaretsky at the University of Leiden as a part of
    an Honors Course called, Vivoarts, Art and Biology Studio. Held by the Arts
    and Genomics Centre, this hands-on perfomance art wet-lab was documented in
    order to stimulate debate about the use of new biological methods for
    permanent alteration of genetic inheritance.

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